Cash Flow for Individuals Holding Private Income Streams

Business Notes

Did you create seller financing when you sold your business?

You can sell your business note for cash. >>>> more information

Inheritance Funding

Are you waiting for a distribution from your Inheritance or Trust?

You can receive a fast cash advance against your share. >>>> more information

Lawsuit Funding

Do you have a pending lawsuit? Could you use a cash advance against your future settlement or award?

You are eligible for Pre-Settlement Litigation Funding. >>>> more information

Life Settlements

Do you have a life insurance policy which you no longer need?

If you are a senior (65 or older), or suffering a serious illness (regardless of age), consider selling your policy for much more than its cash value. >>>> more information

Pension Funding

Do you have a military, government, or company pension, but you don't currently need the income?

Receive a cash lump sum now in exchange for some of your future payments. >>>> more information

Real Estate Notes

Did you create seller financing when you sold your residential or commercial real estate?

You can convert your note to cash by selling all or some of your future payments from your privately held mortgage, trust deed, land contract, or real estate note. >>>> more information

Structured Settlements

Were you awarded damages as a result of your lawsuit, in the form of an income stream?

You can sell your entire structured settlement, or just some of your future payments, for an immediate cash lump sum. >>>> more information

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